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Hello Graduates,

For those of you who will be seeking internships and practicums for the
spring semester, you may want to contact Gina Bruce.  This would be an
awesome internship/practicum if you live close to Gina's school or have
transportation to work with her 1 day a week.  For our international
students, this would give you a real-world look at US schools.

If you are interested and seeking an internship or practicum, send Gina an
email and see if this will work for you.

Thanks Gina for your note!

Dr. Franklin

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I spoke with Dr. Dikkers and Dr. Franklin awhile back about getting a few
Masters students to complete some experience hours here at South Western
City Schools. We are going Google and our director of communications would
love some help and training in Google, more specifically Google site, for
herself and her direct staff. We are doing PD as a district but she would
like some more one on one training and aid in transitioning the district
main website, building websites and so on. Plus they one of the busiest
departments in the district so their free time gets used up, and if someone
could be there during the day to help out she would love it!

I was also wondering about having some one in my building from time to time
to work with my staff as well. From helping organize and plan training,
making tutorial videos and much more!

So if you have anyone interested let me know!
Gina K. Bruce
Website: www.tech-savvy-educator.com
LinkedIN: http://linkd.in/YZvLGh

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