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Hello Graduates,

New jobs in Instructional Design.


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*Society for Applied Learning Technology

SALT Jobs Update
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Listed below are the most recent Job Postings that
have been added to the SALT Web Site (www.salt.org).

1. Learning Program Manager 10989
Louisville, Kentucky
Assist in equipping employees with the skills and tools that will assist
them in their job. Assist in the planning,development,implementation and
facilitation of training for the association. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS
Bachelors degree in training and development, adult learning, instructional
design or related field with at least 1 year of corporate experience in
this area or Business-related bachelor's degree with at least 4 years'
experience in corporate training and development, instructional design.

2. Instructional Designer/Curriculum Coordinator (Grant Funded)
Oklahoma City, OK
Teaches faculty how to use instructional technology in online/hybrid course
design and delivery. Works collaboratively with the OSU-OKC Distance
Education Coordinator in training faculty and adjunct faculty on the
implementation and use of learning management systems such as Desire 2

3. Learning Analyst/Instructional Designer
Pleasant Grove, UT
The Learning Analyst/Instructional Designer is part of our research,
evaluation, and design team. This key role uses both quantitative and
qualitative analysis and research to identify product strengths and
weaknesses and to recommend and help implement changes that result in
increased learning effectiveness. The ideal candidate will have strong
research and analysis skills along with proven instructional design or user
interface design experience. For more information, go to:

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To read the full job descriptions on the web site click

Post a Job
If your organization has a position they would like to post on the SALT Web
Site, click on the following link to learn how you can reach qualified
individuals involved in e-Learning, instructional design, and technology
based systems for training, education and job performance improvement.

How to Post <http://www.salt.org/index.htm?salt.asp?pn=jobhowto>

[image: Conference]<http://www.salt.org/index.htm?dc/washingtonp.asp?pn=washington>

For more information on the 2013 New Learning Technologies Conference click
here <http://www.salt.org/index.htm?dc/washingtonp.asp?pn=washington>.

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To list your company's logo in SALT email distributions or on the SALT Web
Site, click here <http://www.salt.org/index.htm?salt.asp?pn=advertise>.

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For other questions, contact SALT at 50 Culpeper Street, Warrenton VA
20186. SALT can be reached by telephone at (540) 347-0055.

*"A teacher affects eternity; [she]he can never tell where the influence
stops." - Henry Adams
*Dr. Teresa Franklin
Professor, Instructional Technology
Global Services Program, Director
313D McCracken Hall*, *Dept. Educational Studies
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701
740-593-4561 (office)
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also: franklinteresa at gmail.com
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