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Subject: Spring courses for Graduate Students (ELIP)
Dear Graduate Students:

Information that should be useful to many of you.

Dr. Franklin

  Dear Graduate Chairs and Directors,

 The English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) is offering a variety of
useful courses for graduate students Spring 2012.  As is the case with all
our courses, we work individually with students to ensure that classroom
assignments are as discipline-specific as possible.  We aim to improve your
students’ ability to perform by asking them to set course goals that are
directly linked to their specific areas of academic and professional

 In addition to our usual offerings, we have added a new course, *The Oral
Defense: Oral Communication in Graduate School (ELIP 532),* for domestic
and international students and expanded our ELIP Writing Center services to
all international graduate students.  Walk-ins are welcome on Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 6:00-9:00PM in Gordy Hall 380.  Please encourage your
students to take advantage of this valuable service.

 For those students in the final stages of their studies or thinking ahead,
the following courses would be of particular interest.

         *Thesis/Dissertation Writing** ELIP 516 – 3 hours*
 *           *         *****Wed 3:10-5:00pm (Class #3269) Gordy 307 SCIENCE
                     *Thurs 5:10-7:00pm (Class #3266), Ellis 108*

         *The Oral Defense: Oral Communication in Graduate Studies** ELIP
532 – 3 hours*
         *5MW 5:10-6:30pm (Class #16352), Ellis 109 *

 Next, for those students who are in the earlier stages of their studies
and would like assistance improving their research and writing skills, we
would suggest a writing or reading course.

         *Introduction to Graduate Writing** ELIP 512 – 3 hours*
         *MW 5:10-6:30pm (Class #3258), Ellis 108*
 * *
         *Advanced Graduate Writing** ELIP 514 – 3 hours*
         *TTH 12:10-1:30pm (Class #3262), Clippinger 133*
 * *
         *Critical Reading and Analysis** ELIP 569A – 3 hours*
         (For international students)
         *MW 12:10-1:30pm (Class #* *16351), Clippinger 133*
 * *
 Finally, for those international students who would like to improve their
oral communication skills and abilities in both professional and social
contexts we would suggest the course listed below.

         *Oral Communication in Graduate Studies** ELIP 530 – 3 hours
*        (For international students)
         *TTH 5:10-6:30pm (Class #3280), Ellis 109*

 Thank you for your time and interest.  If you have any questions please do
not hesitate to contact me.  I would not only like to discuss the courses
and services mentioned above with you, but also consider ways in which ELIP
could provide more focused assistance to the students in your
department.  Until
then, feel free to distribute the attached information to current and
prospective students (ELIP Spring 2012 Course Schedule and Semester ELIP
Student Brochure--for next year).

 Dawn Bikowski


Linguistics Department**
**Dawn Bikowski*
Director, English Language Improvement Program

bikowski at ohio.edu • T: 740.593.0201
Gordy Hall 367 • Athens OH 45701
www.ohio.edu • http://www.ohio.edu/linguistics/elip

*~~~~~~The best student-centered learning *experience in America~~~~

Dr. Teresa Franklin
Professor, Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology Program Coordinator
313D McCracken Hall
Dept. Educational Studies
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
740-593-4561 (office)
740-541-8847 (cell)
740-593-0477 (fax)
also: franklinteresa at gmail.com


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