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There still seems to be plenty of demand in our field for your expertise!

Dr. Franklin

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Your job alert, *Instructional technology/design*, found 12 new listings.
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here<http://chronicle.com/jobSearch?viewSearch=81176116>to see all
matching jobs.


Instructional Designer<http://chronicle.com/jobs/0000719763-01/?sid=ja&utm_source=ja&utm_medium=en>
George Mason University (Virginia)
(date posted: 03/09/2012)

Instructional Designer<http://chronicle.com/jobs/0000719812-01/?sid=ja&utm_source=ja&utm_medium=en>
Bristol Community College (Massachusetts)
(date posted: 03/09/2012)

Instructional Technologist<http://chronicle.com/jobs/0000719705-01/?sid=ja&utm_source=ja&utm_medium=en>
Maricopa Community Colleges (Arizona)
(date posted: 03/08/2012)

Dean of Academic Technology/Chief Information
Mount Ida College (Massachusetts)
(date posted: 03/08/2012)

Director of Educational
Berea College (Kentucky)
(date posted: 03/07/2012)

Vice President of Instructional
MiraCosta College (California)
(date posted: 03/07/2012)

Asst./Assoc. Dean for Teaching and Instructional
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy&Health Sciences (Massachusetts)
(date posted: 03/06/2012)

Instructional Designer<http://chronicle.com/jobs/0000718896-01/?sid=ja&utm_source=ja&utm_medium=en>
George Mason University (Virginia)
(date posted: 03/05/2012)

Instructional Designer<http://chronicle.com/jobs/0000718003-01/?sid=ja&utm_source=ja&utm_medium=en>
Ball State University (Indiana)
(date posted: 03/05/2012)

INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGIST<http://chronicle.com/jobs/0000718150-01/?sid=ja&utm_source=ja&utm_medium=en>
Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia)
(date posted: 03/05/2012)

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Dr. Teresa Franklin
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Instructional Technology Program Coordinator
313D McCracken Hall
Dept. Educational Studies
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
740-593-4561 (office)
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740-593-0477 (fax)
also: franklinteresa at gmail.com


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