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Jun. 12th, 2012

 Dear Dr. Franklin,

This month's issue of AcademicKeys' e-Flier for Curriculum & Education
features 15 faculty openings, 14 senior administrative positions, and 0
post-doc opportunities and links to hundreds more positions in higher

This AcademicKeys e-Flier contains higher education positions in:
- Adult and Distance Education
- Curriculum/Instruction
- Teacher Education
- Professional Development
- and other related areas


   *NEW! - Academic
*University of Nebraska, Lincoln*
Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education
   *Location* Lincoln, NE  *Posted* Jun. 11, 2012     *Executive Director
-- Hook Center for Educational
*University of Missouri-Columbia*
Coll. of Edu. -- Hook Center for Educational Renewal and ..
   *Location* Columbia, MO  *Posted* Apr. 24, 2012     *Chair -- Department
of Education<http://www.AcademicKeys.com/r?job=36848&o=576837&t=CU120612m-2e>
*Concordia College*
Department of Education
   *Location* Moorhead, MN  *Posted* May. 1, 2012     *Teacher Training
Coordinator <http://www.AcademicKeys.com/r?job=36835&o=576837&t=CU120612m-6>
*Higher Colleges of Technology*
Faculty of Edu. -- Centre of Excellence for English -- Te...
   *Location* Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
*Posted*Apr. 23, 2012
*Assoc. Vice President for Univ. Marketing and
*Oklahoma Baptist University*
Marketing and Communications Department
   *Location* Shawnee, OK  *Posted* Apr. 12, 2012     *Dean -- College of
Education and Human
*University of North Dakota*
College of Education and Human Development (EHD)
   *Location* Grand Forks, ND  *Posted* Apr. 12, 2012     *Director --
Leadership in Museum Education
*Bank Street College of Education*
Grad. School of Edu. -- Leadership in Museum Edu. Program
   *Location* New York, NY  *Posted* Apr. 10, 2012     *Dean -- College of
Education and Human
*Seton Hall University*
College of Education and Human Services
   *Location* South Orange, NJ  *Posted* Mar. 30, 2012     *Full-time
Faculty Appointment -- Edu. and Director
*Bethel University*
College of Arts & Sciences -- Department of Education
   *Location* St. Paul, MN  *Posted* Mar. 26, 2012     *Lecturer -- Edu.
and Director -- Secondary
*Brown University*
Department of Education
   *Location* Providence, RI  *Posted* Mar. 13, 2012     *Executive Vice
President and Provost<http://www.AcademicKeys.com/r?job=36130&o=576837&t=CU120612m-0e>
*Naval Postgraduate School*
Office of the President
   *Location* Monterey, CA  *Posted* Mar. 13, 2012     *Director of
Education <http://www.AcademicKeys.com/r?job=35715&o=576837&t=CU120612m-6>*
*Oxford International School*
   *Location* Panama City, Panama  *Posted* Feb. 20, 2012     *Director --
A.E. Phillips Laboratory
*Louisiana Tech University*
Coll. of Edu. -- Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction and Lea...
   *Location* Ruston, LA  *Posted* Feb. 14, 2012     *Associate
Vice-President (AVP), Human
*Langara College*
Human Resources Department
   *Location* Vancouver, BC, Canada  *Posted* Feb. 13, 2012

   *NEW! - Senior Tutor/Lecturer/Senior
*Massey University*
School of Education
   *Location* Auckland, New Zealand  *Posted* May. 29, 2012     *NEW! - Senior
Lecturer/Associate Prof. -- ELearning and
*University of Canterbury*
College of Education
   *Location* Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand  *Posted* May. 24, 2012
*NEW! - Assistant
*La Salle University*
Department of Education
   *Location* Philadelphia, PA  *Posted* May. 22, 2012     *NEW! -
Prof. -- Educational
*Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University*
Coll. of Arts & Sci. -- Dept. of Core, Humanities and Soc...
   *Location* Al Khobar, Eastern, Saudi Arabia  *Posted* May. 15, 2012     *
NEW! - Assistant Professor -- Health and Physical
*Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University*
College of Arts & Sciences
   *Location* Al Khobar, Eastern, Saudi Arabia  *Posted* May. 15, 2012     *
NEW! - English Language Pedagogy
*English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS)*
Language Programmes
   *Location* Singapore, Singapore  *Posted* May. 11, 2012     *NEW! - English
Language Specialist<http://www.AcademicKeys.com/r?job=37124&o=576837&t=CU120612m-6>
*English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS)*
Language Programmes
   *Location* Singapore, Singapore  *Posted* May. 11, 2012     *Teacher
Trainer <http://www.AcademicKeys.com/r?job=36834&o=576837&t=CU120612m-6>*
*Higher Colleges of Technology*
   *Location* Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
*Posted*Apr. 23, 2012
*Tenure-track Assistant Professor -- Special
*University of Arkansas, Fayetteville*
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
   *Location* Fayetteville, AR  *Posted* Apr. 12, 2012     *Assistant
Professor of School Counseling
*Western New Mexico University*
School of Education
   *Location* Silver City, NM  *Posted* Mar. 30, 2012     *Open Rank
(Tenure-track/Tenured) Pos. -- Mathematics
*University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee*
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
   *Location* Milwaukee, WI  *Posted* Mar. 21, 2012     *Assistant
Professor/Associate Professor Faculty
*Nanyang Technological University*
National Inst. of Edu. -- Physical Edu. and Sports Sci. A...
   *Location* Singapore, Singapore, Singapore  *Posted* Feb. 17, 2012
Faculty Positions --
*University of Arizona*
College of Education
   *Location* Tucson, AZ  *Posted* Jan. 25, 2012     *Asst. Prof. -- Gifted
Edu. and Asst. Professors/Associate...<http://www.AcademicKeys.com/r?job=35028&o=576837&t=CU120612m-6>
*National Institute of Education*
Early Childhood and Special Needs Edu. Academic Group (EC...
   *Location* Singapore, Singapore, Singapore  *Posted* Jan. 12, 2012
Faculty Positions - College of
*Idaho State University*
College of Education
   *Location* Pocatello, ID  *Posted* Jan. 6, 2012

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