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**Resend of previous email in an attempt to reach all new students.  Ignore
if you have already received this email.***

Hello CET Graduates:

Welcome to the Master’s program in Computer Education and Technology and
the Professional Instructional Technology Certificate program.

WE ARE IN SEMESTERS NOW! This has been an interesting past year as we
re-aligned courses and programs to fit the new semester model.  We will at
times have a few ‘surprises’ so be patient!

Please read carefully the email information below concerning the courses to
be offered in each program.


*Master’s (MED) in Computer Education and Technology Program (CET)*

*Fall Course Offerings*

EDCT 5012: Technology Applications in Education: Open Sources Tools for
Education (Dikkers)

EDRE 5010: Research in Education (Franklin) (requires a pink-slip to enter;
contact franklit at ohio.edu and put your OU-PID in the email to obtain a

The Fall courses are offered in a hybrid blended format and will meet 3
times on campus on the following dates:

·         EDCT 5012: Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm on Sept 8, Oct 20,
and Dec 1

·         EDRE 5010: Fridays from 5:10 to 9:00 pm on Sept 7. Oct 19, and
Nov 30

·         The remaining work will be completed online using Adobe Connect
and/or other online software.  Your instructor will identify the software
needed. The blackboard site is: https://blackboard.ohio.edu/ for your
courses in most cases.

*Spring Course Offerings*

EDCT 6002: Visual Literacy for Mediated Instruction (Dikkers)

EDCT 6052: Assessment and Evaluation of Technology Programs (Franklin)

**EDCT 6910 and EDCT 6122 are offered each semester.  You must sign up for
your clinical internship (EDCT 6910) and master’s portfolio (EDCT 6122)
with your advisor.  Send an email to your advisor with your OU-PID and
request that you be pink-slipped into the courses.

*Professional Instructional Design Certificate Program (PID-C)*

Fall Course Offerings:

EDCT 6030: Principles of Instructional Design (Moore)

EDCT 6031: Advanced Topics in Instructional Design (Smith)

Spring Courses:

EDCT 6032: Adult Learning in Online Environments

EDCT 6901(a-d): Special Topics Workshop - Up to four 1-hr. workshops
offered (participants elect 2 to fulfill requirement)

The PID-C courses are not currently listed in the course
but should be posted soon in the "Online (All Locations)" tab - all
certificate courses require permission to enroll (i.e., students must be
pink slipped in). To register, students can send a course request along
with their OU-PID via e-mail to  smithj31 at ohio.edu. All certificate courses
are entirely online (no face-to-face meetings on campus).

 Graduates wishing to take the PID-C courses concurrently with the CET
courses are allowed to do so but should meet with their advisor to obtain
permission to place these programs within his/her program of study to meet
requirements for graduation. *There is a limitation concerning the number
of hours that may be transferred from the PID-C to the CET  Program of
Study.  You are REQUIRED to have advisor approval to do this.*

 Hope to see you soon on campus for the first MED classes which are Friday,
Sept. 7 (5:10 to 9:00 pm) and Saturday (8:30 am to 12:30 pm) both will be
in 217B McCracken Hall.   Parking is free in the lot next to the building
after Friday at 5:00 pm and all day on Saturday.  However, before 5:00 pm,
they will ticket all cars not having a sticker.



*Dr. Teresa Franklin*



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The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
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740-593-4561 (office)
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stops." - Henry Adams


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