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You may be interested in this course from Cultural Studies for the fall.

Dr. Franklin

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Hello colleagues!

Can you believe how fast that went?

I have "bugged" some of you about this earlier, but now that registration
and start dates are upon us, and because this is a new offering and an
unusual one for us, I hope you would consider suggesting this class to some
of your new and continuing students. It is only a two credit graduate class
meeting for two hours on Tuesday evening. It has a very low "work load" by
way of reading and assignment...and that which we do do, will be
thought-provoking and interesting, I hope.

The class is:  EDCS 5110, Colloquium in Critical/Cultural Studies in
Education. We will do a little talking about intro to graduate study, i.e.,
what it means to be a student inquiring at the graduate level. We will also
invite in several other faculty on occasions to talk about how they
inquire--and what is behind their process of seeking.

We will be reading one book all semester: "The Spell of the Sensuous" by
David Abram. This book looks at how we know what we know, and pays
attention to what most of modern Enlightenment thought jettisoned: knowing
through our senses; knowing through sense of place. My hope is that it will
spark some very engaging discussions--with some reflective assignments such
as sitting "still" for an hour (without going to sleep!)

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. This is definitely not
discipline-specific--one of the good things about working in a College of
Education is that my/our classes have the potential to speak to anything
about the process of learning/teaching/inquiring...  And what else should
be at the foundation of graduate work?

Best to each of you as we all begin the year anew!   --Jaylynne

(P.S. Even doc students who have finished their course work, might be
interested in registering for this to be part of a learning community and
read and think about an interesting topic. Of course, they, as experienced
graduate students would also have a lot to add by way of mentoring the
intellectual processes we undertake.)

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