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Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Mon May 30 17:17:57 EDT 2011

Dear Graduates:

This is important information concerning the submission of dissertations and
theses.  Keep this info!

Dr. Franklin

*From:* Armstrong, Sara
*Sent:* Friday, May 27, 2011 10:57 AM
*Subject:* TAD Services: Important information for Advisors and Grad Chairs

Hello grad chairs, departmental and college contacts,

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your hard work this quarter,
and provide a few resources for you in advising students regarding sending
their documents to Thesis and Dissertation (TAD) Services.

As we expect more students to try to graduate in AY 2011-12 before the
change over to Semesters, we hope you will pass this information on to
graduate advisors. We hope to help students as much as possible and are
expecting very large quarters for Spring and Summer 2012. Your assistance in
getting the information to advisors and students is greatly appreciated.
Everything can be found on our website www.ohio.edu/tad.

*Templates:* http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/etd/templates2.cfm
TAD Services *highly* encourages students to go to our website and download
an appropriate copy of our MS Word or LaTeX template. This template can save
several hours of document formatting and is a much better option than
copying off an older manuscript. The templates are kept up to date and we
check them yearly for errors. The front matter is very precisely formatted
and must be kept in tact otherwise TAD Services cannot accept the document.
For review, we prefer the MS word version of a document unless it is being
prepared in LaTeX, for which we prefer PDF.

*Deadlines: *(attached)
We update our deadline sheet around this time for each academic year. I am
attaching the *AY 2011-12 Deadline (Tentative)* list to this email, but it
will also be found on our website under Valuable Information after
everything is finalized. Please remind advisors and students that the final
document deadline is firm and cannot be moved and therefore they need to
plan oral defenses accordingly. We encourage you to print out a finalized
copy and make it visible if possible.

*Thesis: http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/manage/upload/TAD-Thesis-Timeline.pdf
We offer a one-page general timeline to help students plan ahead to graduate
on schedule. These are very general suggestions that keep the student on, or
ahead of, schedule.

*Workshops: *(attached)
MS Word, Graduation and Tables and Figures Workshops are offered by TAD
Services to assist students in filing a thesis or dissertation manuscript
before graduating. These workshops are recommended, but not required. We
find the best results when students attend a workshop in the quarter *BEFORE
*they intend to graduate. Many students who attend these workshops find them
helpful and informative. TAD services will also be happy to speak in front
of a class to discuss use of the templates, go over style and formatting
guidelines and the steps to graduation. We are currently finalizing the
schedule for AY 2011-12, with an increased number of courses beginning in
January through the end of the Academic year as we expect more students to
try to complete the process before the change over to Semesters.
Registration is preferred and students can email tad at ohio.edu with their
name, email address and which workshops they want to attend.

*Appointments are available by request, but with only one full-time staff
member, we are trying to keep the number of one-on-one meetings to a minimum
and encourage students to attend workshops. TAD Services suggests a format
review before scheduling an appointment to determine if the situation really
calls for face time. Please encourage students to send documents in for
format reviews before the oral defense and to avoid appointments in the two
weeks leading up to the final document deadlines.

Thank you for your time and assistance. We have a large number of
last-minute students this quarter and many will not graduate in their
intended quarter. We hope to avoid that in the future.

Sara Armstrong
Sara Armstrong
Assistant Director, Thesis and Dissertation Services
Research and Technology Center
Second Floor, Room 220
Athens, OH 45701-2979

*Follow us on Twitter:* http://twitter.com/TADServicesOU
*Our FAQ* http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/etd/faq2.cfm
tad at ohio.edu • T - 740-597-2770 • F - 740-593-4625



Dr. Teresa Franklin
Professor, Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology Program Coordinator
Dept. Educational Studies
Gladys W. & David H. Patton College of Education and Human Services
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
740-593-4561 (office)
740-593-0477 (fax)
also: franklinteresa at gmail.com
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