[Itech] URGENT! Deadlines for International Graduate Students for Issuing I-20/DS-2019 Certificates

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Tue Jul 12 12:32:28 EDT 2011

Hello Graduates:

Below is an email from Dr. Tadlock concerning the issue of 1-29/DS 2019
Certificates.  Please read and see if any of the deadlines apply to you.

Dr. Franklin

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Subject: Deadlines for Issuing I-20/DS-2019 Certificates
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To Graduate Chairs, Program Directors and Graduate Staff:****

Please note that due to the time requirements for obtaining appropriate
travel documentation from foreign countries for fall quarter, the Graduate
College will issue I-20/DS-2019 certificates of eligibility (I-20) to
*new*international students through cut-off dates as indicated below:

**1.       **Self-funded international students: certificates will be issued
through Tuesday, July 26. ****

**2.       **Students who have been offered partial university funding but
have yet to provide evidence of the balance of funds required to issue a
certificate of eligibility: certificates will be issued through August 1.
The department will need to express-mail any I-20 issued after July 26. ****

**3.       **The Graduate College has already completed issuing I-20s to
students who have been admitted with full university funding, where the
Admit Form 1 and a copy of the award notification letter or e-mail has been
received. Any late funding decisions need to be reported to the Graduate
College by July 26 in order to issue an I-20 by August 1. Again, the
department will need to express-mail any I-20 issued after July 26.****

**4.       ***New* admit forms for international students should be
submitted to the Graduate College by this *Friday, July 15* to ensure that
students have enough notice to gather any required financial documents by
the I-20/DS-2019 issuance deadline.****

Admitted students were advised at the point of admission that the Graduate
College will issue I-20/DS-2019s through July 25, and have been encouraged
to submit necessary financial documents as soon as possible to ensure that
they are able to obtain a visa in time to arrive for fall quarter. The
cut-off date is set to maximize the student’s opportunity to apply for and
receive a visa, arrange travel, and arrive on campus by the fall 2011
reporting date of August 25. Students who attempt to arrive after August 25
may encounter difficulty entering the country, so requests for late arrival
should be strongly discouraged.****


Katie ****

Katherine Demory Tadlock, Ph.D.****

Director, Graduate Student Services****

Ohio University Graduate College****

220 RTEC****

Athens, OH 45701****

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tadlockk at ohio.edu****



740/593-4625 (fax)****

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