[Itech] Doctoral Classes for Fall and other things!

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Thu Aug 18 14:25:01 EDT 2011

Hello Doctoral Graduates:

There are three courses offered in the IT doctoral program this Fall. This
message has been sent to both the doctoral and masters listserv for those
who will transition from masters to phd this fall/winter.

*1) EDCT 793B: Instructional Technology Seminar - Mobile Learning*.  It will
be offered on* Tuesday night from 5:00 to 9:00, 219b*.  The info on the
registration site is not correct at this time but should be changed shortly.
The text for the class will depend on whether you have an android cell phone
or iphone.  See the notes on the course registration site for the texts.
This course is being team taught by Christine Wolfe and Dr. Franklin
*2) EDCT 793E: Instructional Technology Seminar - Program Evaluation and
Grant Evaluation* is the correct title.  (Again, problems with the site.)
It will be held on *Thursday night 5:00 to 9:00 pm, 217b*. This course will
examine the development of program, performance and grant evaluations.  We
will also write a grant in the class so that you know how the process
happens since most of you will go on to higher education and have to write
grants! See the notes on the course registration site for the text.
*3) *Another course that new/or returning doctoral students need to enroll
in is* EDCT 880.  This is the Instructional Technology Practicum.*  You
should see your advisor and 'pink slip' into that course.  Students are
expected to take 2 hours each quarter (fall, winter, spring) consecutively.
If you have not taken your practicum, please begin it this fall. (no
textbook required)

If you are new to the program or have not taken the *Instructional Design
course (EDCT 601)*, this course will be held in the hybrid online format and
offered on *Friday evening from 5-9 pm (Sept 9, Oct 7 and Nov 11 is
face-to-face with remaining work online)*.  The textbook is *Designing
Effective Instruction* and is *RED *in color (copyright 2011). I suggest you
purchase this book online as it is much cheaper there than at the bookstore.

Finally, don't forget that you need research courses as part of your
doctoral plan!  *EDRE 750 or EDRE 720* is typically offered in the Fall
Quarter and this is a good time to put those courses in your schedule!

See you in Sept!
Dr. Teresa Franklin


Dr. Teresa Franklin
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Instructional Technology Program Coordinator
Dept. Educational Studies
Gladys W. & David H. Patton College of Education and Human Services
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