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Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Sun Nov 21 22:16:26 EST 2010

Hello Graduates,

This is the time of the year when you begin to ask Dr. Moore, Dr. Gao and I
for letters of recommendation.  If you want a well written letter from us,
you need to do the following:

1) Send us your CV.  We do not always know all the things you are involved
in and so having the CV helps us match the job description to things you
have done and write about that.
2) Send us a copy of the job description.  The faculty read lots of these
and sometimes see things in them you may not recognize -- and can then make
that an important part of your letter of recommendation.
3) We need time -- asking a few days before the job closes is a little
late.  It take time to write a letter tailored to each job that you ask to
be recommended for so give us time to do a great job for you!

Remember, the fall jobs (August 2011) are being advertised NOW!  You have to
be diligent to keep an eye out for jobs on Higher Ed Jobs or Chronicle Jobs
or other listservs where jobs appear.  Use a spreadsheet to keep the
applications straight as to which job needs which items, etc.

If you need for us to review your Vitae, just ask.  Dr. Moore will be back
Jan 3rd and it never hurts to get multiple opinions and reviews!

Have a great break!
Dr. Franklin



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