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Two-year Post-doctoral Fellowship in the Education Sciences at the
University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

The University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education announces
continuation of a two-year post-doctoral fellowship program. The program
hired one post-doctoral fellow last year (2010) and will hire one
post-doctoral fellow every year for the next four years, creating a cohort
of fellows. Preferred start date for this year is between May 1st and
September 1st, 2011. The fellowship includes a salary of $50,000 per year,
plus health insurance, conference travel, professional development, and a
computer fund.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute for Education
Sciences, this post-doctoral fellowship is designed to foster fellows as
independent scholars. Emphasis is on developing and/or refining the fellow's
methods, design, fieldwork and/or substantive area expertise in education
impact research, providing opportunities for scholarly publication and the
development of the fellow's independent research agenda.

While all are invited to apply, we have targeted the program to two types of

One is an applicant strong in methods and analysis, who wants to hone those
skills and acquire more sophisticated design, measurement, and statistical
skills in an applied setting, while developing insight and understanding of
education issues and gaining experience with education research. This might
be a candidate from a field such as economics, sociology, psychology, or
political science.

Another type of applicant may have a solid foundation in education, but
wants to develop more sophisticated and rigorous design and statistical
analysis skills, while gaining deeper insight and experience with specific
education policy issues and conducting fieldwork in schools. This might be
an applicant from an education school.

The program, broadly focused on the effects of leadership and teaching on
student achievement, targets three main areas: 1) theory, 2) research design
and methods, and 3) fieldwork.

The research projects that fellows will participate in are designed to allow
fellows to perform at the highest levels of methodological and substantive
rigor. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in two of several
research projects. These include:

1. a mixed method longitudinal study of math teachers' mentoring and
induction and their effects on teacher knowledge, instruction, and student

2. a randomized experiment designed to test the effectiveness of a cognitive
science curriculum/professional development intervention in middle school

3. the psychometric validation of a cutting-edge leadership assessment, and;

4. longitudinal multi-level analyses of the Early Childhood Longitudinal
Study-Kindergarten cohort, to examine the effects of instruction on the
achievement gap.

These projects offer opportunities for developing expertise in 1)
qualitative analysis and fieldwork, including development and analysis of
surveys, interviews and classroom observations, 2) the measurement of
instruction, 3) multi-level longitudinal modeling, 4) Item Response Theory
(IRT), 5) psychometrics, 6) design and analysis of randomized experiments,
7) designing customized student assessments, and 8) studying education
policy implementation.

Fellows will be encouraged to take leadership roles on the projects in which
they participate. Projects are at various stages, so there are opportunities
for designing instruments, conducting fieldwork, and analysis of already
collected data.

Fellows are also invited to participate in the seminars and methods modules
that are part of Penn's IES pre-doctoral fellows program (see
http://www.gse.upenn.edu/pimfer/overview.html ).

 Fellows will work on collaborative interdisciplinary project teams which
include public policy analysts, psychometricians, sociologists, economists,
and others. The program will also include opportunities for writing research
proposals, both for independent projects and for extending the current

For breadth of experience, fellows will have both a primary and secondary
mentor. The  primary mentor will be Laura Marie Desimone, associate
professor of public policy and education, or Andrew Porter, George and Diane
Weiss Professor of Education and Dean of the Graduate School of Education.
Collaborators who might serve as secondary mentors include Robert Boruch
(psychologist/statistician), or others at the University of Pennsylvania,
depending on the fellows' area of interest.

Applicants must have received their doctoral degree by the start date. Three
letters of recommendation, a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and two
publications or papers should be sent to lauramd at gse.upenn.edu . In your
letter of interest, please specify how your interest, expertise and targeted
areas for development fit with the proposed projects, and what you hope to
gain from a postdoctoral fellowship position. The deadline for applications
is December 10. We will continue to review applications after that, as
needed. Please direct inquiries to Professor Laura M. Desimone at
lauramd at gse.upenn.edu .

The University of Pennsylvania is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
Employer. Due to U.S. Department of Education regulations, applicants must
be U.S. citizens.

William A. Firestone
Professor and Associate Dean
 for Academic Affairs, Vice President, Division L AERA
Rutgers Graduate School of Education
10 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
732.932.7496 x 8231

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