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FYI -- New job postings.

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SALT Jobs Update

Listed below are the most recent Job Postings that have been added to the
SALT Web Site (http://www.salt.org/).

1. eLearning Coordinator Temporary

Washington DC area, Virginia
We need someone in the DC area who could help design employee training
courses on a temporary basis for a major media company ....someone whose
experience includes taking raw content from SME and user gudies, and guiding
course development, giving direction to the creative teams, etc.

2. Instructional Designer

Boston, Massachusetts
The Online Instructional Designer will work with faculty, using Blackboard
Vista and a variety of multimedia software, to design and develop online
courses. The Instructional Designer will support the Online ID and SS
Manager with initiatives related to student and faculty training in addition
to planning for online development.

3. Instructional Designer/Learning System Administrator

Lynchburg, Virginia
Provide instructional design support for traditional instruction and
distance education, and serve as Learning Systems Administrator for the
college. Assist instructors with incorporating instructional design
principles in the development of course materials; research new
instructional technology applications; train instructors in the application
of instructional design principles and the use of instructional technology
and software applications.

4. Manager. Professional Learning Services

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Curriculum Services Canada (CSC) seeks a Manager for e-learning solutions
with solid experience in the development of multimedia professional learning
resources for educators and other adult learners, and the capability to
guide the development and implementation of the principles of adult
education in instructional design. Encompassing these skills, exemplary
leadership in project management is critical to the position. A sound
knowledge of the K to 12 education system is required.

To read the full job descriptions on the web site paste the following link
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technology based systems for training, education and job performance


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