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This would be a great service to your university!  Hope some of you are

Dr. Franklin

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FYI for your students.  Hopefully Aaron will see that this is forwarded to
the student email lists, also.

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Subject: Needed: New Student Trustee! (Please forward)


Dear Student:

The time has come to seek out candidates for the position of Student
Trustee. As the current student trustees, we recommend applying for this
respected and dynamic position on Ohio University's Board of Trustees.
The position is open to students who are available to serve a two-year term
during their undergraduate or graduate studies at Ohio University.

In order to better understand this position, we will host the following
information session to explain the process and position, as well as answer
any questions you may have.  The last information session will be Friday,
February 19th from 12-1pm in Baker University Center 237.

We encourage students to access information and application packets online
at the Board of Trustees website: www.ohio.edu/trustees. Information will
be under the Membership Selection section. Limited print applications are
available at the Student Senate office in Baker Center 305. Completed
applications should be returned to the Student Senate office by 5:00p.m.
Monday, March 8th, 2010.

If you are interested in applying or know of another student who would make
a great student trustee please do not hesitate to attend an information
session or contact us directly. Please know that we are here to answer
questions and if you are unable to attend an information session, we are
more than willing to speak with you individually. Thank you for your
interest in the position of Student Trustee and we look forward to hearing
from you.

Emily Bacha

Emily Bacha
Ohio University
emily.bacha at gmail.com

Vice President | Ohio University Student Senate

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