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Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Mon Dec 20 12:16:13 EST 2010

Hello Graduates:

In order to prevent the problems of so many students in a section as we had
in EDCT 501 in the Fall, we are now going to have 2 sections of EDCT 604 and
EDCT 603.  You will shortly receive information that the courses (EDCT 603,
EDCT 604) have been canceled -- which may strike a panic!  :)  Do not worry,
we have a solution!

We are going to replace the 1 section of each course with the 2 sections and
* we will pink slip everyone back into the courses to more evenly balance
the sections*.  We believe this this will make for a more beneficial
educational experience for you and provide more opportunities for the
faculty to work with you.  As educators, we all know that teachers can offer
more help to 16 than to 32+ students in a classroom. It will take a few days
for this to happen as people are out on holiday but we hope to have
everything back in place by Jan 5th. so that you will have access to
Blackboard, the syllabus, etc before the Jan 7th meetings.  *The three
face-to-face dates of the on campus meetings will not change*.

*You do not need to do anything at this point,* but I suggest that around
Jan 5th, you look to see which sections you have been placed in.  Dr. Moore
tried very hard to make sure that you would come to Athens on the days that
you had originally planned to come to campus. We tried to not disrupt
anyone's schedule as originally planned.

*After Jan 5th*, if you are not in a section, you should be able to register
as usual as this will open up more space for some who still need the courses
and were closed out.  If you are a new PHD student, you may want to take
this opportunity to take these two courses as they are important to
developing online content that may be part of future PHD coursework.

In the spring quarter, we will again have 2 sections of the courses offered.
We hope this will make the experience better for you and OU the program so
that when you graduate, you will recommend others to come and join us for
the MED in Computer Education and Technology!

Best wishes,
Dr. Teresa Franklin



Dr. Teresa Franklin
Professor, Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology Program Coordinator
Dept. Educational Studies
Gladys W. & David H. Patton College of Education and Human Services
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740-593-0477 (fax)
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