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See the note below.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Oches
immediately and copy me on the email so I know the position have been
filled.    This might make a great Flash project and one that you could do
as a practicum or internship with me for credit in winter quarter.


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Hi Teresa,
 I have an evaluation project with ODE where we are going to document a
complete unit of instruction onto a DVD.  I imagine Word docs, spreadsheets,
audio voice-overs of digital photos and video clips of the teacher and
students.  Marsha Lewis shared with me her Livetext site but I didn't get
the 'aha' feeling about Livetext.
 So I have a multi-media project and I don't know that much about the
technology - only about what I want it to do.  Do you have any talented
students who would like to receive payment for something like this?  I can
hire by the project or I can hire by the quarter if they are willing to do
other project work.  It would start immediately, but I do understand
students sometimes have other things going on.

As a Unit, we prepare leader-educators and practitioners who share in our
commitment to lifelong learning and serving society responsibly as change
agents in meeting diverse human and social needs.

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