[Itech] Fwd: MWERA Proposal Submission Deadline Extended to May 15

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Sun May 10 20:44:55 EDT 2009

Hello Graduates,

Many of you are working on technology related research projects in my EDCT
605 course this quarter.  These would be wonderful submissions for MWERA
which is in October in St. Louis.  In fact, we may (no promises) even have
some funds in IT or the College to help send you to this conference (usually
around $250.00) if our budgets hold up as hoped!  This is a great conference
in a great location!

So, if you are working on a project and can make the submission deadline of
May 15th -- go for it!  If you have a dissertation or thesis that is almost
or completed -- go for it!  You might even submit your research on the
NETS*T or NETS that you conducted a few weeks ago!

See the notes from Dr. Brooks below on how to submit.

Let's represent OU well at the conference!
Dr. Teresa Franklin

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Subject: MWERA Proposal Submission Deadline Extended to May 15
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Hi All,

I don't like to abuse my relationship with you all to advertise for
the Mid-Western Educational Research Association (MWERA).  However, I
wanted to let you all know that the deadline was extended this year
and there is one more week (the site will close May 16) to submit
proposals for the MWERA conference in St. Louis in October.

If you or your students have time to put together a quick proposal, please

Short (2-3 page) proposals are acceptable, as long as you've covered
the required elements (abstract, objectives, theoretical framework,
methods, results and conclusions, and educational importance of the
work).  I encourage you to think about things you would be able to
present in October---and especially things your graduate students
might present by themselves or with you.  While we don't have SIGs
like AERA, we have all the same Divisions as AERA, so we're all
covered in some way by MWERA.

We especially encourage newer faculty and graduate students to present
and participate.  Even if you don't have a proposal that would be
ready for presentation, you can also sign up as a reviewer, session
chair, or session discussant, which may be a good way to help graduate
students (or you) gain such professional service experience.

If you go to www.mwera.org and then click on the "Submit Proposal"
tab, you will be taken to our All-Academic submission site, where you
can submit a proposal or sign up in a service role.  You need to
submit electronically through that site and upload a proposal.  The
Call for Proposals is available on the www.mwera.org page.  You'll
need to join the organization to present, but you don't need to join
before submitting.


Gordon Brooks, Associate Professor & Chair
Dept of Educational Studies, Ohio University
314C McCracken Hall, Athens, OH 45701
brooksg at ohio.edu  (office: 740-593-0880)

Dr. Teresa Franklin
Associate Professor
Instructional Technology
Educational Studies Dept.
313D McCracken Hall
College of Education
Ohio University
PH: 740-593-4561
Fax: 740-593-0477
franklit at ohio.edu
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