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Some new jobs!

Dr. Franklin

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* Coordinator of Science Libraries
 Catholic University of America (D.C.)
 (date posted: 3/18/2009)

* Head, Instructional Services
 American University in Cairo (Egypt)
 (date posted: 3/23/2009)

* Course Developer - Education
 Laureate Education (Maryland)
 (date posted: 3/23/2009)

* Course Developer - Management
 Laureate Education (Maryland)
 (date posted: 3/23/2009)

* Course Developer - Health Sciences
 Laureate Education (Maryland)
 (date posted: 3/23/2009)

* Course Developer - IT/Engineering
 Laureate Education (Maryland)
 (date posted: 3/23/2009)

* Associate Director, Digital Scholarship Lab
 University of Richmond (Virginia)
 (date posted: 3/20/2009)


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