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Possible jobs!

Dr. Franklin

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Curriculum/Instruction, Teacher Education, and other related areas
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        Academic Keys
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           Mar. 11th, 2009
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Dear Dr. Franklin,

This month's issue of AcademicKeys <http://www.academickeys.com/>' e-Flier
for Education features 15 faculty openings, 10 senior administrative
positions, and 1 Post-doc opportunities and links to hundreds more positions
in higher education.

This AcademicKeys e-Flier contains higher education positions in:
- Adult and Distance Education
- Curriculum/Instruction
- Teacher Education
- Professional Development
- and other related areas

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  Senior Administrative Positions:   *General
*Premium Technology University/Institute*
Office of the Provost
  *Location:  *
 Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
 *Date Posted:* Feb. 5th, 2009
  *Executive Director, Strategic Enrolment Management
*Kwantlen Polytechnic University*
Office of the Provost and Vice President
  *Location:  *
 Surrey, BC
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 26th, 2009
  *Dean of School of
*City University of New York -- City College*
Office of the Provost
  *Location:  *
 New York, NY
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 26th, 2009
*International Quality Education Foundation -- IQEF.ORG <http://iqef.org/>*

  *Location:  *
 Anywhere in US and Overseas, 00
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 6th, 2009
  *Dean <http://www.academickeys.com/r?job=18652&o=576837&t=ED090311m>*
*Hamline University*
School of Education
  *Location:  *
 St. Paul, MN
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 5th, 2009
  *Dean <http://www.academickeys.com/r?job=18448&o=576837&t=ED090311m>*
*University of Lethbridge*
Faculty of Education
  *Location:  *
 Lethbridge, AB
 *Date Posted:* Dec. 10th, 2008
  *General Counsel<http://www.academickeys.com/r?job=18396&o=576837&t=ED090311m>
*Loyola University, New Orleans*
Administration Department
  *Location:  *
 New Orleans, LA
 *Date Posted:* Dec. 5th, 2008
  *Assistant Vice President For Enrollment
*College Of Staten Island*
Office Of Academic Affairs
  *Location:  *
 Staten Island, NY
 *Date Posted:* Nov. 19th, 2008
  *Chair, Curriculum &
*Wichita State University*
College Of Education
  *Location:  *
 Wichita, KS
 *Date Posted:* Nov. 7th, 2008
  *Department Head/Professor<http://www.academickeys.com/r?job=17937&o=576837&t=ED090311m>
*Mississippi State University*
Curriculum, Instruction And Special Education Department
  *Location:  *
 Mississippi State, MS
 *Date Posted:* Nov. 5th, 2008
Academic Positions:   *NEW! - Professor, Physical Edu. and Head Coach, Men's
Bas... <http://www.academickeys.com/r?job=19323&o=576837&t=ED090311m>*
*Mt. San Antonio College*
Physical Education Department
  *Location:  *
 Walnut, CA
 *Date Posted:* Mar. 5th, 2009
  *NEW! - Assistant
*Indiana University of Pennsylvania*
Department of Counseling
  *Location:  *
 Indiana, PA
 *Date Posted:* Feb. 27th, 2009
  *NEW! - Educational
*Mt. San Antonio College*
Counseling Department
  *Location:  *
 Walnut, CA
 *Date Posted:* Feb. 19th, 2009
  *NEW! - English Language
*King Abdulaziz University*
English Language Institute
  *Location:  *
Saudi Arabia
 *Date Posted:* Feb. 9th, 2009
  *Full-time Faculty Positions in
*Lewis University*
College of Education
  *Location:  *
 Romeoville, IL
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 19th, 2009
  *Part-time Teaching
*Drexel University*
Goodwin College of Professional Studies
  *Location:  *
 Philadelphia, PA
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 16th, 2009
  *Assistant/Associate and Associate/ Full Prof. of Stem
*Purdue University*
College of Technology
  *Location:  *
 West Lafayette, IN
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 8th, 2009
  *Asst. Prof. -- Educational Leadership (Tenure-track) 2
*Queens College*
Department of Educational and Community Programs
  *Location:  *
 Flushing, NY
 *Date Posted:* Jan. 3rd, 2009
  *Associate/Assistant Professor,
*Oakland University*
Educational Leadership Department
  *Location:  *
 Rochester, MI
 *Date Posted:* Dec. 17th, 2008
  *Assistant/Associate Professor,
*California State University, Northridge*
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Department
  *Location:  *
 Northridge, CA
 *Date Posted:* Nov. 20th, 2008
  *Asst. Professors Of Teacher Edu. (Focus On Math Edu. And
*SUNY, New Paltz*
Elementary Education Department
  *Location:  *
 New Paltz, NY
 *Date Posted:* Nov. 12th, 2008
  *Assistant Professors of Reading & Foreign
*Bowling Green State University*
School of Teaching and Learning
  *Location:  *
 Bowling Green, OH
 *Date Posted:* Nov. 5th, 2008
  *Early Childhood Specialist --
*California State University, Fullerton*
Special Education Department
  *Location:  *
 Fullerton, CA
 *Date Posted:* Oct. 31st, 2008
  *Assistant Professor<http://www.academickeys.com/r?job=17795&o=576837&t=ED090311m>
*Wichita State University College of Education*
Curriculum & Instruction Department
  *Location:  *
 Wichita, KS
 *Date Posted:* Oct. 30th, 2008
  *Assistant/Associate Prof. (multiple Tenure-track
*The University of Southern Mississippi*
Educational Leadership and Research Department
  *Location:  *
 Hattiesburg/Gulf Coast, MS
 *Date Posted:* Oct. 21st, 2008
Post-doctoral Positions:   *NEW! - Postdoctoral Fellow/ Research
*University of South Australia*
National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education
  *Location:  *
 Adelaide, South Australia
 *Date Posted:* Feb. 10th, 2009
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