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Hello Graduates:

For those of you looking for jobs!

Dr. Franklin

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 *What Gives You the Edge?* by Peter Weddle

We humans are not all that different from animal species. We think we are,
Descartes assured us we were, but recent research suggests that we're not.
It's been discovered, for example, that chimpanzees use sticks to hunt for
food, bees communicate with one another through complex dances, and birds
act as "social tutors" for their young. Smart as we are, our furry,
feathered and flitting friends are apparently pretty smart too.

So, what sets us apart? As one scientist puts it, what gives us our
"humaniqueness?" What put us at the top of the evolutionary ladder?

The differentiator, it turns out, is our ability to use our intelligence in
different ways. We can use sticks to hoe a garden, to light a fire, to erect
a house or even to fashion a pencil and write a sonnet. Chimpanzees can't.
We can communicate with our body language but also with our vocal cords.
Bees can't. And, we can teach our young the mores of society, but we can
also teach them how to think for themselves. Birds can't.

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 *This Week's Job Search Tip* When preparing your application, double check
you have included all of the materials the employer is requesting. Also, be
sure to review the application instructions in the job posting, because each
employer will have a slightly different process. While some employers will
request an employment application, resume, transcripts, and letters of
reference, other employers will only require a resume and cover letter from
 *Faculty Jobs*   *Director, School of Applied Clinical Nutrition
Instruction Program<http://www.higheredjobs.com/details.cfm?JobCode=175355976>
(Posted 01/09/2009) *New York Chiropractic College*
Seneca Falls, NY *Associate Director of Southern Oregon Wine
(Posted 01/06/2009) *Umpqua Community College*
Roseburg, OR *Adjunct Faculty for
(Posted 01/02/2009) *Wilson College*
Chambersburg, PA *Assistant Professor of Fisheries - Salmon
(Posted 12/29/2008) *University of Alaska Fairbanks*
Fairbanks, AK *Instructors for Physical Health Education & Recreation for
Women Only <http://www.higheredjobs.com/details.cfm?JobCode=175354724>*
(Posted 12/29/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *Teacher in English/Translation - For Women
(Posted 12/27/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *Teacher in English/ Computational Linguistics - For
Women Only <http://www.higheredjobs.com/details.cfm?JobCode=175354694>*
(Posted 12/27/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *Teacher in English/ PYP - For Women
(Posted 12/27/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *Doctoral Faculty - Doctor of Business Administration
(DBA) in Managerial Science (New Program - In
(Posted 12/24/2008) *University of Atlanta*
Atlanta, GA *Childhood Education Faculty
(Posted 12/22/2008) *The College of New Rochelle*
New Rochelle, NY *Full Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in
Interior Design
(Posted 12/21/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *Full Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor
in Law - For Women
(Posted 12/21/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *Faculty Positions in Statistics, Mathematics &
(Posted 12/21/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *(Revised) Assistant Professor - Communication
(Posted 09/15/2008) *Niagara University*
Niagara University, NY
 *Administrative Jobs*   *Vice President for Finance and
(Posted 01/09/2009) *Wilson College*
Chambersburg, PA *Dean, Graduate
(Posted 01/09/2009) *California State University, Sacramento*
Sacramento, CA *Prospect
(Posted 01/08/2009) *Fashion Institute of Technology*
New York, NY *Assistant Vice Chancellor of
(Posted 01/08/2009) *University of California, San Francisco*
San Francisco, CA *Vice President, Student Affairs & Ashland Campus
Administrator <http://www.higheredjobs.com/details.cfm?JobCode=175355443>*
(Posted 01/07/2009) *Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College*
Ashland, WI *Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student
(Posted 01/07/2009) *Fashion Institute of Technology*
New York, NY *Banner & Datatel ERP
(Posted 01/06/2009) *CampusWorks, Inc.*
Various (throughout US), FL *Chief Information Officer in Higher Education -
Multiple Locations
(Posted 01/06/2009) *CampusWorks, Inc.*
Various throughout US, FL *Accountant
(Posted 01/05/2009) *Wilson College*
Chambersburg, PA *Assistant Vice President for Institutional
(Posted 12/30/2008) *Lehman College*
Bronx, NY *Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and
(Posted 12/30/2008) *The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi*
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates *Dean of Misher College of Arts and
(Posted 12/23/2008) *University of the Sciences in Philadelphia*
Philadelphia, PA *Administrative Assistant to the Dean, School of
(Posted 12/23/2008) *Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia
Suwanee, GA *Dean Teachers
(Posted 12/22/2008) *Western Governors University*
Salt Lake City, UT *Job Opportunities for IT Technical
(Posted 12/21/2008) *Prince Sultan University*
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia *Director of
(Posted 12/19/2008) *Massachusetts Institute of Technology*
Cambridge, MA *Health Positions, MMLA Summer Language
(Posted 12/18/2008) *Middlebury College*
Middlebury, VT   [image: HigherEdJobs.com] <http://www.higheredjobs.com/>

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