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Barry Thomas thomasb at ohio.edu
Sat Jun 25 16:24:19 EDT 2011

Thanks (I think) for this news. The OU website says it begins already on July 1. Once again the administration strikes in the dark of night, or more appropriately, the doldrums of summer. It is outrageous that the fee is the same for retirees who might be on campus a few times a year as it is for faculty and staff whose duties require their regular presence. So much for the "pro bono" work I've been doing for the department; I certainly don't intend to pay for the privilege of offering free service.

We were gone much of Jan-May; was the Emeriti Assoc. consulted in any meaningful way?

Have a good summer.
On Jun 25, 2011, at 3:16 PM, Edward Baum wrote:

Dear Emeriti,
    The parking axe has fallen!  Beginning September 1 you cannot park in
university lots during most of weekdays without a permit which costs $150.
    Parking without a permit is permitted after 3:00 in lots colored purple
on the parking map and signs. Parking is also permitted in green lots after
5:00.  Weekends are open.
    We will have parking maps at the September luncheon. They and other
parking information are available online at Parking Services in the O..U
website under administrative offices.
    Happy Summer despite this news!

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