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I am really sorry.  In my haste to schedule something I forgot about the third Thursday.  I feel bad that I may have embarassed George Weckman and certainly upset Ruth.  I can I can only plead a bad memory and a year and a half of tourmoil in our life.  I tried to change the date, but I have a least one person that signed up that can't go on the day before.  You can be sure that it won't happen again.  Bill 
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Were you aware of this? 


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Hey, George, the trip to La Comedia is the same day as the April Emeriti 
meeting.  What a decision!!!  Ruth

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> The next event is April 21st.  The beloved Broadway and Movie Musical, "
> Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."  LaComedia Dinner Theatre in
> Springboro.  Delightful high energy entertainment.
> Depart Ohio University Credit Union East State Street Office 7:30 AM
> APRIL 21st.  Stop for a rest on the way.  Arrive at LaComedia 11:00 am.
> Dinner. Show at 1:00 pm. Home by approx 7:00 pm.
> Transportation, show and dinner $75.  Must have 25 persons "on board"
> by March 1st.  Call Bill Coffey at 597-2845.

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