[Emeritiassoc] Senior Living Survey (fwd)

Ted Foster foster at ohio.edu
Thu Apr 2 07:28:38 EDT 2009


I'm forwarding a brief message from Ed Baum.  It contains the address for 
responding to a survey about what you'd like to have in a senior living 
facility.  Please respond.



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Date: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 8:53 PM -0400
From: Edward Baum <baum at ohio.edu>
To: Ted Foster <foster at ohio.edu>, Sara Boyd <boyds1 at ohio.edu>
Subject: Senior Living Survey

Hi Ted,
Would you please send the following to our listserv members?


ILGARD (The Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural
Development) is conducting an on-line survey assessing the desired
amenities in senior living facilities on behalf of Brent Hayes. They would
appreciate your participation if you have not already done so. Please go to:


Thank you.

Ed Baum

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