[Eecs_phd] 2018 Russ College Spring Career Fair Information - February 15-16

Hunter, Tiffany huntert1 at ohio.edu
Mon Feb 12 10:06:33 EST 2018

The 2018 Russ College Spring Career Fair will be held on Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. each day in the Stocker Center Lobby and ARC Atrium 1st Floor Area.  Attached are lists of employers with position types and majors they are seeking as well as blurbs provided by the employers.  This information is also posted on bulletin boards near Stocker 114 and Stocker 181.  This will be the last Career Fair of this academic year.

Please look over the attached list and blurbs regarding each employer to assist with your research of the companies you are interested in prior to the career fair.

Tips for Success:

-       Research the employers you are interested in talking to ahead of time

-       Review employer websites prior to speaking with recruiters

-       Plan how you will introduce yourself to recruiters

-       Firm handshake

-       Make eye contact

-       Smile

-       Good posture

-       Dress appropriately

-       Know what semesters you are available to work

-       Get business cards for future contact

-       Bring a pen and portfolio/notepad to take notes if needed

-       Have resumes with you to pass out

-       Send thank you notes within 24 hours for those employers who give you their business cards

-       Follow application instructions recruiter may give you in a timely manner

-       Approach recruiters individually and not as a group

-       Ask what the next steps are in the hiring process

-       Be open to the idea of working more than one

Co-op/Internship rotation for an employer if asked

-       Return all phone calls and emails from employers who contact you

Thank you,


Brenda Sinclair, BBA
Administrative Specialist
Office of Professional Experiences
Stocker Center 120
1 Ohio University
Athens OH 45701-2979<tel:45701-2979>
T: 740.593.1618<tel:740.593.1618>
F: 740.593.4960<tel:740.593.4960>
sinclab1 at ohio.edu<mailto:sinclab1 at ohio.edu>

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Russ College of Engineering and Technology

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