[Eecs_phd] IBM Sponsored Master the Mainframe

Hunter, Tiffany huntert1 at ohio.edu
Wed Nov 8 12:35:09 EST 2017

[Master the Mainframe Competition]<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__hackp.ac_mlh-2Dmasterthemainframe-2Dsept2017-3Futm-5Fsource-3DMLH-2BMaster-2BList-26utm-5Fcampaign-3Da188bd96e9-2DNewsletter-5FSept2017-26utm-5Fmedium-3Demail-26utm-5Fterm-3D0-5F454e60092c-2Da188bd96e9-2D-26mc-5Fcid-3Da188bd96e9-26mc-5Feid-3D-5BUNIQID-5D&d=DwMFaQ&c=jf_iaSHvJObTbx-siA1ZOg&r=V_ecXBB2BUgvgGUaJ1xAKHqL31ExEey28xekkbL7hSI&m=nrIw7jal232xYbcxJgXI5jb7rzTi1K4uxdroL0A60hE&s=-_fNRQMew6xrcvM8DygLaNXBEBS3kRIhlQONQMQIXkM&e=>

Experience the Mainframe and Win Prizes

Do you want to get your hands on one of the most widely used technologies in the world?  Do you want to build unique skills that will set you apart?

80% of the world's data resides on a mainframe, but you probably haven't encountered them before. Throughout the Master the Mainframe<http://masterthemainframe.com>Contest, now in its 13th year, you can learn how to use the IBM Z mainframe and win awesome prizes in the process.  No prior experience needed!

Stretch your skills, win prizes, earn open badges and learn an in-demand technology that employers are looking for!

Join the Master the Mainframe Competition ><http://masterthemainframe.com>

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