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I have been informed that there is a problem in the registration system which makes it impossible
to register for CS 6420, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, unless certain prerequisites have
been met.  There are not actually any prerequisites for this class besides being a CS grad
student!  Students wanting to take this class should see me for a green slip to get around
this problem.

CS 6420 is a great 6000-level option for students interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI),
medicine, or both.  AI in Medicine (AIM) has a rich tradition of developing and employing cutting
edge AI approaches in systems that enhance health care. Featured approaches to medical decision
making and clinical decision support will be rule-based reasoning, case-based reasoning, Bayesian
networks and data mining. This course will explore advanced AI topics and the accompanying
technical and non-technical issues found in medical domains. As this is a 6000-level graduate
course, students will be expected to select and present papers from the AIM literature to enhance
and individualize course content.

The syllabus is available at: http://oucsace.cs.ohiou.edu/~marling/cs6420/cs6420_syllabus.html

Please send email to marling at ohio.edu<mailto:marling at ohio.edu> for more information or for a green slip.

Prof. Cindy Marling

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