[Eecs_phd] DuPont EE Job - Parkersburg WV

Hunter, Tiffany huntert1 at ohio.edu
Fri Feb 24 09:08:12 EST 2017

Finally, after 15 months, DuPont at Parkersburg (Washington Works) has openings for full-time hires.

If a person with decent grades, decent summer experience, and a BSEE degree applies, there is a strong likely hood of getting an interview.

We typically start engineers in the 70k's, and with good healthcare & retirement benefits.  Hard to find jobs like that in this region.

Dupont | Manufacturing Technology - Electrical Control Systems Engineer in Washington, WV<http://careers.dupont.com/jobsearch/job-details/manufacturing-technology-electrical-control-systems-engineer/012761W-01/>


Matt Taylor
WW Zytel (r) Engineering Team Lead
Matthew.C.Taylor at dupont.com<mailto:Matthew.C.Taylor at dupont.com>

PS: Some have asked us about the CoOp program hiring status.  Currently the CoOp program is still on hiring hold.

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