[Eecs_phd] ACM Presentation: Steganography-TONIGHT

Hunter, Tiffany huntert1 at ohio.edu
Wed Feb 1 10:46:58 EST 2017

Hello Computer Science Enthusiasts!

Are you interested in encoding and hidden data, and would like to learn more? Today Wednesday (2/1) is an opportunity to attend a student presentation on this very topic.  Austin Crabtree will join us tonight to give some insight on uses and examples of steganography. This event will be held in ARC 106 at 7:00pm.

The abstract is as follows:

"For this presentation I am going to be going over roughly what steganography is, Then I will have two separate coding examples. One of them will be a quick text hidden text encoding that I am going to try and get color visualization to work for it to show the encoding. Then the next one will be a rewritten program that follows the least sig. bit encoding algorithm to hide a zip archive in a png photo. Lastly my plan was to end of the night with playing some war-games from overthewire.org. We will be going through like the first third or half the Bandit levels, the Bandit war-game teaches the participants how to use a lot of the most common unix cli tools like: grep, file, du, find, and openssl."

We hope to see you there!


Catherine Baugher

OU ACM Secretary
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