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Wed Dec 20 10:06:39 EST 2017

The Air Force Research Laboratory will again sponsor summer students and visiting faculty to join our research team as a part of the Autonomy Technology Research (ATR) Center summer program. We would like to enlist your help in identifying outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who would like to be considered for these positions.  You have been referred by AFRL principals who are familiar with your work. We look forward to working with you and any of your students that may align with the ATR Center's portfolio of projects.

Both graduate and undergraduate students will work with an Air Force mentor on projects supporting the Center's sensor and autonomy research, including the processing and exploitation of sensor data for object detection, tracking, and recognition.

Project areas include:
Deep Learning                            Machine Learning                              High Performance Computing
Synthetic Aperture Radar: Mono-Static and Bi-Static Radar                Laser Vibrometry

Narrow Band Imaging                 Image Registration                            Overcomplete Dictionaries

Manifold learning                        Compressive Sensing                        Neural Networks
Radar Feature Analysis              Wide Angle Signature Analysis          Radar Target Detection
Sparse and Low Rank Regularization                                                   Advanced SAR Image Formation

Synthetic Aperture Ladar            Target Tracking

The ATR Center offers competitive pay, travel costs, and summer accommodations to top students. US citizenship is required.

Students will work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and nearby Wright State University. We ask that you contact us via email at:

(atrcintern at wright.edu<mailto:atrcintern at wright.edu>) if you have questions about the summer program or wish to recommend specific students. We have also attached a brochure describing the program and have placed additional information at http://www.wright.edu/autonomy-technology-research-center; we hope you will pass these along to top students you feel would be a good match.

Students may apply by sending the following to atrcintern at wright.edu<mailto:atrcintern at wright.edu> by February 10th, 2018:

* Resume

* Unofficial transcript

* A list of: 1) Relevant coursework, 2) Relevant prior and/or current projects, 3) Technical work experience, 4) Technical area(s) of interest, 5) Any prior ATR Center experience, and optionally, The name of any Govt. mentor you would like to work with.

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Fred D. Garber
Electrical Engineering
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435-0001
Phone: (937) 620.8789
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