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Hello math enthusiasts,

Today (Monday 10/10) Math Club has another upcoming meeting in Morton 115 at 5pm featuring Dr. Kelsey from the computer science department (Abstract below) . Afterwards, you can stay for the Association of Women in Mathematics who will be meeting in the same room right after. If you have any questions or would like to be put on the Math Club mailing list, please email me at ohio.mathclub at gmail.com<mailto:ohio.mathclub at gmail.com> and join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/OUMath/

Uncertainty and imprecision are unavoidable aspects of mathematical modeling and calculation. Major reasons for this are:
1. Nothing can be measured exactly.
2. Real numbers cannot be represented exactly.
3. Math operations on floating point data have roundoff error.
Floating point numbers must be represented in models and calculations. Either use one FP number and pretend it is exact, or use more FP numbers and attempt to deal with uncertainty. Leading representations are intervals and boxes, probability densities, and fuzzy numbers.
The math of intervals is pretty easy. The math of boxes (higher dimensional intervals) is a lot more fun. I am involved with working out the interaction of uncertainty with linear algebra and matrix theory. This will be presented as time permits.

Happy mathing,
Abdalah El-Barrad
Ohio University (Class of 2017)
BS in Economics and Applied Mathematics (Dual)
Computer Science Minor
President of the OU Math Club
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