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Babcock and Wilcox is hiring for three entry level positions listed below.  These positions are specifically targeting recent graduates, including December 2015 graduates.  To apply to any of the positions, please email your resume to Engineering_Campus_Recruit at babcock.com<mailto:Engineering_Campus_Recruit at babcock.com>

Babcock and Wilcox is trying to fill some entry level Engineering openings  with new grads from 12/15 or 5/16 graduating classes.

We have three entry level profiles that I am trying to fill with anywhere from 1-3 positions for each at the moment.  We are ideally looking for people that have previous internship experience having demonstrated the basics referenced below.   I can certainly get you more detail on each of these, but wanted to see how we should proceed with next steps?

FYI – I believe my boss, Karen Han, is planning to attend the career fair this spring as well.

Performance Engineer
·         Equipment sizing and the development of processes integral to existing power plants
·         Performing heat and material balances, analyzing heat transfer processes,evaluating unit operations and developing process designs
·         Specifying purchased equipment, reviewing quotations and making purchasing recommendations

  *   Bachelor's Degree in ME  or Chem E
  *   Sound thermal/fluid science and/or process design capabilities
IC&E Engineer
·         Bachelor's Degree with a focus on Electrical, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering
·         Basic knowledge of related codes & standards (ISA, NFPA, IEEE, NEC, NEMA-MG1) is a plus,
·         One to three years of experience in the process control and instrumentation field
Environmental Process Engineer
Responsible for the process design of environmental equipment for proposals and contracts. Primary work includes: Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), mass balances, piping specification development and vendor quote reviews.
·         Chemical Engineering Degree preferred, Mechanical Engineering will also be considered
·         Must be proficient in mass and energy balances and process system design

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