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No nesting here yet, but likely in a few weeks, now with some warmer weather, and June 3 is is a new moon with high tides.

A gal with sharp eyes saw a hatchling working its way down toward the water (but with still 1/4 mile to go) on Sunday. Likely came from a 2018 nest in the corn field, then 500 feet behind it. They are tough little guys!

Charlotte Sornborger, Barrington, RI

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Greetings (sorry for the second post to some of you, I'm trying to reduce size of attachment for the list),
I've seen some tracks in the sand at Slaughter Beach, DE.

I also wanted to share the yard signs I deployed this year to try to decrease road mortality in the emerging terrapin trying to make it across Bay Ave from the yards and dunes along Slaughter Beach, to the marsh on the other side.  I placed 10 posters along this 1.5 mile stretch of road. I monitored the road and still picked up 110 dead terrapin hatchlings (overwintering hatchlings) through the month of April into May when the largest 'migration' occurs. This was about the same as last spring (2018) but people did seem to be driving more slowly and I saw more people carrying the turtles - it is hard to know how many made it across Bay Ave.

I've brought the yard signs in for the 'season' (all 10 were recovered in spite of spring storms) and I will put them out when the late summer hatchlings begin their crossing.  I can send a higher resolution image to individuals who want a better look at this.

Suzette Noecker (Bloom 415) from Ocean View DE designed the signs and got permission from the 'Turtle Conservancy' to use their image and they are credited in the O in the word 'Crossing'.

On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 9:00 PM Chambers, Randolph M <rmcham at wm.edu<mailto:rmcham at wm.edu>> wrote:
We've got nest crawls on the York River--tributary to the Chesapeake Bay--here in Virginia.
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