[Dtwg] have your terrapins started nesting yet?

Brian Williamson bwilliamson at wetlandsinstitute.org
Sat May 26 11:23:22 EDT 2018

Hi all,


I found the first evidence of nesting on 5/25-a partially dug nest on the
trail here at in south Jersey. This morning, I saw our first terrapins on
the move-looks like the season has begun for us.


Brian Williamson

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The Wetlands Institute

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Fellow terrapiners:

In the past springs we've been able to get folks who monitor terrapin
nesting to report when nesting starts, this is very helpful to those of us
in the north because it helps us anticipate when to start looking.  So can
we do that again?

Who has nesting started?   I saw a report that Jekyll Island started today.
Anyone else?

 Russ (New York)


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