[Dtwg] terrapin models

Russell L. Burke Russell.L.Burke at hofstra.edu
Wed Jun 20 10:28:35 EDT 2018

I have been working with Morgan Reptile Replicas to make accurate diamondback terrapin models.  We are going to use them for some behavioral experiments, plus I want one just to have.  Their work is really quite good and I encourage you to take a look at http://www.exhibitreplicas.com/html/finished_animal_replicas.html.

They have long stocked these models

MRR-91 6" Female Diamondback Terrapin $49 unfinished, $250 painted, $325 painted with base

MRR-24 5" Male Diamondback Terrapin $42 unfinished $260 painted, $325 painted with base.

Recently I commissioned them to make an adult female terrapin that is more representative of the larger size of Malaclemys t. terrapin, this is now done(see attached).  This new model is considerably bigger than their 6” female and costs $90 unfinished.

I am going to buy 6 of these new models but they would like a total of 10 purchased to justify the special run.  Wouldn’t some of you like one or more of these very cool models for your desk, or to give away to friends or volunteers?

If you want one, I will buy it from Morgan and send it to you for the $90 cost.

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