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Hi everyone,

This is a valuable popular culture article by the woman who wrote, So You Want To Talk About Racism. This is a challenging topic that many of us as White folks have a hard time understanding and accepting completely, so learning a little more about it can help you explain to others. It is not callous for us as White folks to not be catered to, or have our feelings/needs at the forefront. Part of "privilege" or advantage of Whiteness, is that we are rarely asked to take a back seat and let others' needs be prior to ours. It feels uncomfortable.

We are going to try to bring this individual to campus next year if we can cobble together the funding...and prior to her coming (hopefully) we will have a book group to read and discuss her book noted above.


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Here is the new Oluo article link. Confronting Racism is not about the needs and feelings of white people.


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