[Currentcse] I wonder what books are banned?

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Hi folks,

Didn't want to leave you too long without something interesting to think about! hope everyone's break is going well....

While you're at it...take a look at this link. If one doesn't think racism (or any 'ism for that matter) isn't systemic and institutionalized, then they aren't looking. Empowering people scares the death out of those IN power. (Remember La Raza Studies? and Pedagogy of the Oppressed?)

Keep reading, keep reading, keep thinking, reflecting and DOING! and have a GREAT summer doing all those things!



Texas Prisons Ban Books by Langston Hughes and James Baldwin, Allow 'Mein Kampf' and Other Racist Books<http://www.complex.com/life/2016/09/texas-prisons-ban-books-langston-hughes-james-baldwin-allow-mein-kampf-racist-books>
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice bans nearly 15,000 books, including The Color Purple, but allows Hitler s Mein Kampf.

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