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Hi folks,

I received this from Guillermo and wanted to pass it along to everyone. If you have family and friends or other circles of folks who might be willing to donate a small amount, please share with other groups of folks you know.  Thanks.

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From: Gomez, Guillermo
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 5:40 PM
Subject: Breaking news: 100,000 injured in Peru

Please circulate.

Emergency: Flooding and mudslides are devastating Peru.
EMERGENCY ALERT:<http://act.pih.org/page/m/27a114d3/4699ced3/6871f701/cb0c7ab/399830074/VEsC/>
Flooding and mudslides are devastating Peru. Send help quickly >><http://act.pih.org/page/m/27a114d3/4699ced3/6871f701/cb0c7aa/399830074/VEsD/>

Juan, I want to share an urgent update on the situation on the ground here in Peru—where rainy season is hitting harder than ever.

Massive flooding and mudslides have injured and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Over 70% of Lima—a city of 10 million people—went a week without running water. And in the isolated areas where PIH works, the suffering is far worse.

My colleagues and I are overwhelmed by emergency medical requests. Please, send an urgently-needed gift of $15 to their side by donating now >><http://act.pih.org/page/m/27a114d3/4699ced3/6871f701/cb0c7bc/399830074/VEsHAA/>

[Disaster in Peru. Donate now.]<http://act.pih.org/page/m/27a114d3/4699ced3/6871f701/cb0c7bf/399830074/VEsHAw/>

This is the scariest part, Juan: We expect the worst of the rains to come today, when the region is already crippled by weeks of flooding.

Resources are already depleted. The need for shelter, food, and the basic tools for emergency care—bandages, antiseptic, masks—grows by the hour.

Worse, standing water from flooding threatens families and children with mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, Zika and malaria—diseases that will be deadly if we can't respond fast.

I can't emphasize enough how urgent this moment is, Juan. Please, send aid with an emergency donation now.<http://act.pih.org/page/m/27a114d3/4699ced3/6871f701/cb0c7b8/399830074/VEsHDA/>


In solidarity,

Dr. Leonid Lecca
Executive Director—Peru
Partners In Health

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