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For those of you in town, or close to town, you may be interested in participating in this meeting. The folks involved, and specifically John Howell who founded the local "Democracy Over Corporations", have been working on these issues for a long time.

Howell's work with this local organization has been doing significant education, organizing and pushing and moving both inside and outside the system. I served on a local social justice board with him years ago and he is deeply committed to changing the power structures that give corporate control the primacy.

If you are interested in working on, understanding, committed to, more socially just public communities in which we live, you might have an interest.

--Jaylynne  -- share with others who have an interest

(P.S. A lot of these folks will be older than you--more like me--but there are younger folks involved as well. What is good is that you can see the work of experienced activists who have tried many approaches over the years and are now working on important sustained changes for our local communities. This is certainly not short-term work.)

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Democracy Day

Toward County Government of, by, and for the People

Saturday, June 13, at the Shade Community Center on old route 33, 10 miles south of Athens


8 - 9           Coffee, tea, fruit and pastries
9 - 9:30      Welcomes: Roger Hawk, Shade Township, Lenny Eliason, Athens County Commissioner, Dick McGinn, event organizer, John Howell, Democracy Over Corporations.
9:30 - 10:30 Panel #1 Energy and local government
10:30 Q&A  followed by a break
11 - 11:30   Tom Hodson, Recent court decisions and bills of rights legislation
11:30 - 12   Q&A
12 - 1          Lunch with a musical intermezzo
1 - 1:30       Jack Frech. How are local interests overlooked by the collusion of corporate interests and state and federal governments?
1:30 - 1:45  Andrea Reik. What is the proposed charter? What will it do?
1:45 - 2:45  Panel #2 Envision Athens/Meigs County - possibilities with a charter
2:45 - 3       Q&A
3 - 3:30       Small group discussions is issues raised by the prospect of a county charter and a bill of rights
3:30 - 4       Reports from small groups
4 - 4:20       Concluding remarks - Dick McGinn

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