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Hutchinson, Jaylynne hutchinj at ohio.edu
Tue Dec 8 17:03:20 EST 2015

Hello folks!  I am sending this link to our current CSE listserv as well as students considering our program for Fall 2016. As you have all heard me say in the past, finding a GA/TA-ship can happen but it is significantly up to you to hustle to make it happen.

I have included a link to a page on the university's Student Affairs Division page. When you go to this page, look to the left side and click on "Graduate Assistantships" -- then click on "Position Descriptions". This will go through many available GA-ships for the coming Fall. It will tell you whether there is an opening for a GA this coming Fall or not.

Please note that we currently have several CSE students who are serving in these offices and if you need a contact person to talk to, I can put you in touch. For those of you who hold positions this year and who are graduating, if you feel comfortable talking to your supervisor/boss about the potential of other CSE students seeking a GA-ship, that would be great.

IMPORTANT: The information you will find that describes the process of applying for these positions is heavily weighted towards students in the College Student Personnel program. It should not be so heavily weighted because our College has opened these positions to support students from our CSE program as well. But it is.

Please know that these positions are open for you to apply. When you go and fill out the application itself, it should have a place to mark whether you are in the CSE program or CSP or counseling.

Because there still is a contingent of folks that are "protecting" this resource for CSP, some people will tell you that you can't apply or won't get first consideration. To counter that this is what you should do:

1. Look at the GA list descriptions and determine whether there is an opening for next year.

2. You can apply for up to four positions.

3. Go in and meet the individual in charge (not just a work study student at a front desk) and let them know who you are and why you'd love to work in that position. If you need to make an appointment to meet with them, you can.

4. There are some positions that we have closer contact with and/or our current students are serving in, including the LGBT Center, the Women's Center, the Multicultural Center (I know all the directors) -- and the Dean of Students Office, Learning Communities, First Year Experience, etc.

Let me know if you plan to apply for any of those and we can see if we can put in a good word.

The bottom line is if you want a GA position, you will have to hustle out there and make the contact, be professional and respectful, let them know your passion and commitment.

Also, this is TIME SENSITIVE. This first phase starts in January and early February...so if you are interested whether you are a current student or a student planning to start in the Fall, please make sure you get started now on this process.

Here is the link:   https://www.ohio.edu/studentaffairs/gas.cfm

Jaylynne N. Hutchinson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Critical Studies in Educational Foundations, Program Coordinator
Director, Undergraduate Diversity Studies Certificate
Lindley Hall S203, Ohio University
Athens, OH  45701
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