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Hutchinson, Jaylynne hutchinj at ohio.edu
Thu Dec 11 09:51:28 EST 2014

Hello all...

Sorry to disrupt finals' week, but wanted to share the link below. Students in my classes this Fall saw the documentary "Precious Knowledge" about how the Tucson Board of Education and state legislature outlawed La Raza studies at Tucson high school--AFTER it began empowering its students. We were pretty sad about that and wanted to know why and how could they????

Well, here is some good news! San Francisco is going to institute Ethnic Studies programs into ALL their high schools. They have been piloting a program in five of their high schools and it has been so successful in engaging and empowering students in their academic work, that the Board has voted to fund moving these programs into all high schools.

So it CAN happen--it takes informed teachers, administrators, students, parents, families, communities. That can happen for sure -- how about you?


(P.S. If you haven't watched "Precious Knowledge" -- check it out over break)

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