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Tue Sep 24 20:24:03 EDT 2019

Hello everyone,

I wanted to pass on some information I was provided with by a recruiter
from DART. They are particularly interested in hiring brothers of APhiO due
to our passion of service. They are having an information session in
October and you can get a leadership hour by participating in this as well.
Please see the information below.

*Careers in Community Organizing for Social Justice*

DART will hold an online info session on *Thursday, October 10 at 7 pm *to
discuss careers in community organizing. All OU students and alumni
welcome, particularly those graduating before August 2020.

RSVP at https://nam03.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=www.thedartcenter.org%2FOU&data=02%7C01%7Caphio-l%40listserv.ohio.edu%7C4c8d279ea53d48ec31c808d7414eb2e7%7Cf3308007477c4a70888934611817c55a%7C0%7C0%7C637049678576689941&sdata=GATkbXrl21WGvCyfRTwbu3xQznPgIat105uIbkxPiHg%3D&reserved=0

DART organizations unite congregations to *work for social, economic and
racial justice*, including:

* Plugging the school-to-prison pipeline
* Reining in predatory lending practices
* Expanding access to primary health and dental care
* Prioritizing funding for affordable housing and job training
* Fighting for immigrants' rights
* Police accountability

*Positions start January 13, 2020* in:

FLORIDA: St. Petersburg, Lakeland, West Palm Beach, Sarasota
INDIANA: Evansville
KANSAS: Lawrence

*Positions start August 10, 2020* in:

FLORIDA: St. Petersburg, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Lakeland, West Palm Beach,
INDIANA: Evansville
KANSAS: Lawrence
KENTUCKY: Louisville, Lexington

*Starting salary $39,064/year + benefits.*

DART organizations are largely made up of low- and moderate-income,
minority and immigrant communities. We strongly encourage people from these
backgrounds, as well as fluent Spanish speakers, to apply.

To apply or learn more about DART, visit https://nam03.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=www.thedartcenter.org&data=02%7C01%7Caphio-l%40listserv.ohio.edu%7C4c8d279ea53d48ec31c808d7414eb2e7%7Cf3308007477c4a70888934611817c55a%7C0%7C0%7C637049678576689941&sdata=fVoQWERhJpbVc9wKUzfikdMlsAmKQyfKE92i3RQXNBc%3D&reserved=0. Still have
questions? Contact sarah at thedartcenter.org or 937-974-6093.

*Communications Chair*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

Martyna Manis
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