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Hey guys, the carnival is only a few days away now!
*First and foremost, it may not be clear what exactly this is all about. *

PLEASE *WATCH* these videos, as they are very important in understanding
what this is all about, and were formerly played at the pageant:


*Above is a memorial video for Ava Nichols.*
*The carnival is in honor of Ava, a little girl who sadly lost her battle
to brain cancer in 2012. Her family will be in attendance at the carnival. *


*Above is a video from Camp Quality. This gives insight on what this event
is for.*
*Camp Quality is a non-profit organization serving children with cancer and
their families year-round at no charge through generous donors. This is the
reason for this event. They provide a summer camping experience to the kids
and their siblings, support, and programs year round. Camp Quality staff
and volunteers will be in attendance at the carnival.*

There has been some confusion, so we would like to make it all very clear
and lay it out well.

Spring 2018 pledge class had a rare situation where they only needed 1 hour
given how soon the event was in the pledging process. This event used to be
held in February, while the pledging process typically starts a few weeks
after the semester begins, the pledges would not have had enough notice for
this event to get their *2 hours required.*

Faculty Pageant was the event before this, and sadly it has run its course,
but we are very excited to continue serving Camp Quality in honor of Ava. *The
Faculty Pageant was typically 1.5-2 hours and tickets were usually $5 a
pop. This is why we are making this a requirement. We are only changing the
event, not the rules. *We have kept things similar, such as bringing 2
friends for an hour so long as they spend $5 a piece as well.

*Ticket Information:*

*Blue tickets*=game play, raffles, and inflatables.
*White tickets*=meal ticket, this includes a hot dog or veggie dog, chips,
fruit and a drink.
*Blue tickets are $1 each, or 10 for $5. *
*White tickets are $2 each. *
*Bounce house admittance is 2 tickets, game play is 1.*

It does not matter which combination you choose, as long as you spend $5.
Overall the carnival is free and open to the general public, but if tickets
are not purchased, there will be no game play, except volleyball.

There are a ton of hour opportunities, especially the day of. They are
listed on the website. for one hour you may:

   - Donate $10 to Camp Quality
   - Help during, before, or after the carnival
   - Bring 2 friends that spend $5 each
   - Spend an additional $10 at the carnival
   - Flyer in 10 places (this includes but is not limited to: 10 social
   media, group texts/me, double posts days apart, 10 physical locations,
   informing classrooms or professors via e-mail or in person, asking them for
   promotion/just informing them about the event. We are requiring proof, but
   this is a very easy hour and quite frankly an *EXTREMELY IMPORTANT*
   thing we need to be doing. (you may do half of this for .5 of an hour.)
   - Tabling (people unsign up all the time, so if it is full you may want
   to join the waitlistl) *pledges *may be added manually if they contact

*There is and has been plenty of opportunities for hours, including last
semesters tabling for EARLY hours. But if you are worried and none of these
work for you please contact us and let us know ASAP.*

There may be hour opportunities after the event, but not very many so it is
important not to bank on that, especially since it is so close to the end
of the semester.

Additionally, if you cannot attend the event, you should have already
contacted us. If you will not be in attendance you need to email us ASAP
with your university excuse, otherwise, if you do not show up and we
weren't informed you will be *docked.*

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Faculty Pageant Co-Chairs
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
Delta Gamma Chapter

Chanley Hamilton

Lexi Wiley
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