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Hey bros!

Hope you're enjoying your day off. Here's some info:

*We are still in need of someone for Calliope tonight!* It's a fun and easy
way to get 2.5 hours (6-8:30 at First Presbyterian Church on Court st) hang
out with some kids and get your hours!

Also*, there's a last minute event at ATCO tomorrow-* they're having an
open house and would like some help with the snack table and
helping/directing people around the building. There's a 10-2 shift and
5:30-7:30 shift.

*Nelsonville Winter Clothes Drive - *I will be taking donations at chapter
next week AND ALSO after Thanksgiving. We don't have chapter the Sunday
after Thanksgiving, but I'm willing to meet with you guys whenever/wherever
is convenient for you. Please go through your closets/your family's closets
when you're at home over break!! Here is what we are thinking hour worth
wise, but we are open to consideration if you think your stuff is worth
higher value/quality/whatever:

   - 1 coat = 1 hour
   - 1 pair of boots = 1 hour
   - combination of 3 hats, scarves, and/or pairs of gloves = 1 hour

The woman that is directing this drive is so excited and grateful for our
chapter's participation - I really want this to have a great turnout for
her! Please remember this when you're home for break. This is a great way
to get last minute hours.

Finally, our APhiO sponsored blood drive is coming up on Nov. 28th! There
will be a ton of hours associated with this (tabling, flyering, donating
snacks, donating blood). Keep an eye out for an email with more information
coming soon from Kaitlyn.

Now is the time to reach out to us if you are struggling with hours! Email
the service account or text Kaitlyn or I for a quicker response.

Monica: 412-482-7093
Kaitlyn: 440-552-0770

Have a good week!
*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

*Monica Bollinger *

*Kaitlyn Moran *
*440.552.0770     *

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