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Mon Feb 12 11:46:01 EST 2018

Hey Bros,

Attached is the flyer that is required for flying if you have signed up to
print them please print 15 copies.

Other DP Dough things -

*It will be February 26th, 2018 from 6:00PM-10:00PM.*

Order $10 worth of food or 1 calzone (not the zone of the day) in order for
them to donate! If we get 100 orders of 10 or more or 1 or more calzones
they will DOUBLE their donation! Which is really great for us because that
means more $$$$.

While ordering please please please mention a phi o/Alpha Phi Omega for
phone orders or put it in the "additional directions box" for online
orders. This is to ensure that they can keep fundraiser orders separate
from regular business orders.

Ordering DP Dough will get you one monetary fundraising hour.

Having 2 friends order DP Dough will get you one fundraising hour.

Ordering DP Dough along with your two friends (non-bros) will get you one
of each and your two hour requirement for the semester will be DONE!!!

Send us pics of you and your friends receipts through the fundraising email
for proof of your order so that you can confirm your hour!

Thanks for reading, t-minus 2 weeks until calzones.


*VP of Fundraising*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Caitlin Logue*
cl854914 at ohio.edu

*VP of Fundraising *
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Madi Shawver*
*ms460415 at ohio.edu <ms460415 at ohio.edu>*
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