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Wed Nov 29 10:52:44 EST 2017

Tonight is the big night that the pledges show off what they've
accomplished this semester! Please be a pal and help the pledges in your
family get additional pictures if they need them.

Tonight everyone will be involved a bit (gasp) at history night! So actives
brush up on your APhiO history a lil bit. We'll be doing things a lil
different tonight based on tables rather than families (double gasp) so
where you sit tonight determines your fate and for how long we're there

Also there has been some confusion, we are in SCHOONOVER 450! Don't
embarrass yourself and be the only one in some other random room on campus.
The letters will be outside the door in case you get extra nervous about
where you're at.

PS. Don't forget it is PJ theme! So wear like PJs, an eye-mask, a robe,
slippers, or if you're feeling brave, some face mask that needs to be taken
off in like 30 minutes.


Dalton Malone
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership
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