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Tue Mar 14 16:53:51 EDT 2017

Hi y'all happy DP dough day!

Question- what time can I order dp dough?

Answer- 6-10pm tonight

Question- do I need to say I'm ordering for aphio?

Answer- yes! You do. On the phone just mention "this is for the alpha phi
omega fundraiser" if you are ordering online you can put "this is for alpha
phi omega" in the comments section.

Question- should I keep my receipt? What about my 2 friends receipts?

Answer- YESSS this is how you get your hour!! Email a picture of your own
and your friends receipts to the fundraising account. Make sure you tell me
which receipt is yours and which one is for your 2 friends

Thanks y'all!!

(Even if you don't like DP dough get 2 friends to order and you still get
the hour :-))

Tweet/Facebook/Tumblr/yik yak this graphic out!!! Lets make this big!!!

*VP of Fundraising*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Kaci Marvin*
km935313 at ohio.edu

*VP of Fundraising *
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Audra Swan*
as875813 at ohio.edu <bw266413 at ohio.edu>
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