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Sun Apr 30 15:41:52 EDT 2017

Hi! Hello!

As always, grades are due the second week of next semester, but I am going
to be reminding you guys about them periodically starting now so that when
fall semester comes around no one is taken by surprise and scrambling to
get them in to me.

Here are some due dates and bullet points:

-Fall semester starts Monday, August 28th. Please try to have your grades
in to me by *Monday, September 4th. *You can send them in to me any time
before that, but I would be the happiest SAA in the world if I had them all
by then.

-The last day you can send grades to me is *Monday, September 11th*. After
this date, you will be put on probation. I will send periodic reminders to
people whose grades I don't have as this date approaches so no one is
caught off guard.

I will be sending you guys more reminders/details as we get closer to Fall
semester. Please email or text me with any questions or concerns. Now, as a
bonus, here is a really embarrassing story about me and this email that you
don't have to read but might enjoy.

This is the fourth email I have written out to you guys about grades
because (cliff notes version) I tried to get all my SAA stuff organized -
due dates etc - before finals week so I would be Ready to Roll once I was
done with exams. Finals week happened and literally took my soul, I barely
slept, 10 years were probably taken off my life, I'm still recovering/might
never be the same. So today I sit down to write out an email about grades.
My mind goes blank, I forget everything I've ever known and I send out not
one, not two, but THREE emails asking for grades in May!!! MAY!!!!!!! Who
do I think I am! I cry hysterically out of embarrassment.

I told you guys that because sharing embarrassing moments is good clean fun
and also if anyone was feeling dumb or low today just remember that I did
that and you'll feel better about yourself. Luckily a wonderful chain of
events took place and my emails didn't make it through the listserv so I
was spared the embarrassment of you guys actually reading them. Moral:
things will work out okay even if they seem terrible; proofread your emails.

Thanks for reading this super long email and again please feel free to
contact me with any questions!

Maddie Weir
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