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Mon Apr 3 12:10:36 EDT 2017

hello ppl,

-make sure you are showing up to your tabling shifts
1) i dont put hours up on the website for fun :/:/ i do it so we all have
the opportunities to get hours and make some money for our chapter
2) if you dont show up for your shift youre just taking away an opportunity
for someone else to get an hour

-if you're sick/something happens thats a different story. But remember we
are nearing the end of the semester and Audra and i are also students

-With that being said, if you are having trouble getting your hours talk to
us! And big thanks to the people who showed up to their shifts today :):)

-Pledges I'm currently camped out at the lib all day so if you still need
my signature give me a ring (dont actually call me bc I'm on the 7th floor
and people will glare at me) 740-607-3353

Have a fun and safe week :):-)


*VP of Fundraising*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Kaci Marvin*
km935313 at ohio.edu

*VP of Fundraising *
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Audra Swan*
as875813 at ohio.edu <bw266413 at ohio.edu>
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