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Hi everyone,

First off, thank you so much to everyone who has stepped up and decided to
be a Big. This really is one of the backbones of the fraternity, because
the relationships between big and little can really help a pledge fall in
love with Alpha Phi Omega and get involved in the fraternity! Today is the
last day I will take applications for Bigs. Please apply; we still need a
handful of people. You can turn your applications in to me at Chapter
tonight or email them to me. That being said, Big/Little reveal is this
Friday from 7-8 in Morton 201 (pledges will go to a different room before)
Remember your family decades. I have some ideas up my sleeve to make this
event more interactive and fun. I have attached the application below!
Pairings should be done by Wednesday to give you two days to get a little
something for your little(s). Also Big/Little Reveal is a Mandatory event
and super fun so I will see you all there!! Any questions please let me
know. Keep on rocking, I know the semester is tough and everyone is really
busy but you got this! Below is the list of current people I have Big
Applications for. If you applied and your name isn't on this list please
contact me ASAP Rocky

1.     Haley Miller

2.     Eyunji Kim

3.     Audra Swan

4.     Khanh-Vy Tran

5.     Emylee Smith

6.     Kaitlyn Olstein

7.     Anne Dillman

8.     Jake Metersky

9.     Kyle Bonomini

10. Abby Fajack

11. Hannah Longauer

12. Bridget Ebner

13. Maddie Rapp

14. Hannah Christman

15. Kaitlin Webb

16. Ashley Fortuna

17. Amanada Carriero

18. Madison Horvath

19. Janelle Seibert

20. Nina Yoke

21. Mollie Stokes

22. Cody Shanklin

23. Macy Merle

24. Jordan Marquis

25. Tiffany Wurts

26. Elaine Caw

27. Nick Fowkes

28. Callie Rosza

29. Austin Seaman

30. Maggie Stotts

31. Zach Woods

32. Maria Stroia

33. Kyle Caulfield

34. Sydney Van Ness

35. Kevin Feinberg

36. Jordan Elder

37. Abby Wood

38. Emily Flint

39. Madison Wiesnewiski

40. Kim Maurer

41. Mechelle More

42. Ty Tracy

43. Kristen Rechner

44. Sammy Bullock

45. Maddie Baumer

46. Bayley Hahn

47. Erica Custer

48. Clara Wilson

49. Kaitlyn Moran

50. Tracy Lyons
51. Natalie Tennison


Hannah Longauer
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership
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