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Chapter Minutes 9/6


   -  Guests speaker: Becca Cherry
   - Dues $50… I’ll be collecting at the front after chapter
   - Payment plan come see me at front after chapter
   - REMEMBER: Dues go up September 18th
   - Sectionals Committee: We will meet at 7pm next sunday outside of
   Walter 135
   - I need a commitment if you are interested in coming to Nationals by
   Oct 1st



   - Dog Walking - Don’t hate me, sorry
      - Check Facebook for Form, don’t have to re-fill it out
   - Hats for Heads
      - Wednesdays 6 pm - 8 pm, Baker 230
   - Look for Granada Street Kids Tabling
   - Information about ATCO Bowling, for real this time
      - Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 5-6 people each night
   - Pen Palz boiiii
   - Please send sign ins, for real tho

   - Museum of Discovery Safety Night - Sept. 10, 5:30-7:30
   - Pawpaw Festival - help break the record for Largest Cardboard Fort! So
   fun! September 17th
   - Service with OSU chapter!!! Hocking River Clean Up - September 24th
   - Give Kids the World! Start thinking about if you want to go, email us
   if you want more info, and DEF start thinking about if you want to be a
   trip leader!
   - Laurels - will probably be Tuesdays, look for it on the website this


-Go buy swag yo (closes next sunday)

-Homecoming baseball tees( whoop whoop) will be up this week so that we
have them for homecoming!

-water bottles


Yankee candle sale has started!! Now through January 11th

   - Online sale only
   - Share on facebook & social media
   - GROUP NUMBER: *990084749*
   - *www.yankeecandlefundraising.com*
   <http://www.yankeecandlefundraising.com/> → create seller login
   - We get 40% back from each order! To get a fundraising hour you need to
   buy/sell $25 worth.
   - We will post the flyers on the website and create events for flyering
   in the next couple weeks.
   - Please tell your friends and families about this!

Pura Vida

Please everyone go sign up! We are counting on the people who signed up
last year to re-sign up.

If you have 2 friends who want to buy $10 worth you can get an hour

Bring money to chapter next week because we will have bracelets

Committee come see us after chapter :)

Cassandra Hamker, Dana Yablon, Hannah Brotherton, Kaitlin Webb, Kyle
Bonomini, Mechelle Moré, Sarah Cornell, Sydney Goldstein, Sydney Van Ness,
Ty Tracy


   - Financial Aid form due by September 12!

   - Any questions, ask us in person or via email

- Office Hours = Thursdays, 2-3 in Front Room


   - Give Sarah dues tonight
   - Ill be back next week!

J-Board Nominations

   - Nominations
      - VP Leadership (1)
      - NSEC (1)

      - NEXT WEEK: September 11th

·         *Sept. 26**th*

·         -Nominations: Treasurer (1), Fellowship (2), Communication (1)

·         *Oct. 2**nd*

·         -Nominations: Treasurer (1), Fellowship (2), Communication (1)

·             &: JBoard (1), Ombudsmen (2), Fundraising (1)

·         *Oct 9**th*

·         -Nominations: JBoard (1), Ombudsmen (2), Fundraising (1)

·                   &: Charity Chairs (2) and Service (2)

·         -ELECTIONS: Treasurer (1), Fellowship (2),    Communication (1)

*Oct 16**th*

-Nominations: Charity Chairs (2) and Service (2)

    &: NSEC (1), President (1), Pledge Educators (2)

-ELECTIONS: JBoard (1), Ombudsmen (2), Fundraising (1)

*Oct 23**rd*

-Nominations: NSEC (1), President (1), Pledge Educators (2)

-ELECTIONS: Charity Chairs (2) and Service (2)

*Oct 30**th*

·         -ELECTIONS: NSEC (1), President (1), Pledge Educators (2)

94 People didn’t turn in their grades, and you are receiving an email.

24 hour period to send GPA or Academic Probation

Membership/Pledge Educators:

-Rush and etiquette

-Formal is Thursday from 6:00-8:00 in Walter Rotunda

-Interview Committee/Membership Committee

-Big apps (not large portions of appetizers)

-Name Tags


-Family Decades

Charity Chairs:

GOOD NEWS! We heard back from our charity, The Robert Packard Center for
ALS Research at John Hopkins, and we’re good to start fundraising for them!

They are a science-based nonprofit whose research and administrative
funding is entirely donor based, so without help from organizations like us
their research wouldn't exist. They fund and support research all around
the world in hopes of collaborating to find a cure.

-fundraising page

-fundraising events



come see me after chapter for your shirt!!

Come talk to us if you are interested in Running for NSEC or need more info!

Have a good week, guys!

Faculty Pageant:

FUN FACT: The first labor day was held on Sep 5, 1882

*Have a great 4-day week!*


Thanks to everyone to participated in PR Week!

Here was my fav. S/O Maria Stroia

Swiper no swiping!! Just sign in


Keep a look out for the birthday list sign up on facebook!

*Have great 4 day weekend and rush week!*


*What day is the charity ball?*

*When are financial aid forms due?*

*When should you know if you are going to attend nationals?*

*Communications Chair*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

Kenzie Kistler
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